Red Bull & Racing: a Love story (?) Part II

So 2006 season, Coulthard and Klein were the drivers also Red Bull brought Minardi at the end of the 2005 season  and renamed as “Toro Rosso” (Red Bull in Italian).

At the opening race of the 2006 season in Bahrain, Christian Klien qualified 8th and Coulthard qualified 13th. In race Klein scored one point (finished 8th) and Coulthard finished 10th.

The first Podium
May 28th, 2006. Monaco GP, Christian Horner said before the race that if one of his cars were to finish on the podium, he would jump into a swimming pool at the track naked and it happened! David Coulthard finished 3rd was the first podium for Red Bull.


A man of his word, he did just that, wearing only a Superman cape.


During the second half of the season Coulthard scored a 5th place at Hungary, who ended the campaign on 14 points, putting him 13th in the Drivers standings. While Kilen, well……ended up 18th collecting two points. Robert Doornbos then took the team’s second seat for the final three races. The Dutchman entered in style by qualifying in the top 10 for his first race in China. But contact with Robert Kubica at the first corner meant he had to settle for 12th.
Red Bull ended 7th with 16 points in the Constructors Championship.
Drivers standings:
13) David Coulthard: 14 points
18) Christian Klien: 2 points
24) Robert Doornbos: 0 points

2007 Season: Newey’s debut
The RB3 was an Adrian Newey designed car, high hopes were put for that season after an stunning season debut.
A new Driver arrived to the team, Australia’s Mark Webber.  came to Red Bull Racing with five seasons of F1 behind him.

The start of the season wasn’t the best of all. 3 DNFs in 5 races but in Spain the points came with a 5th place for Coulthard.  Mark picked up his first points of the campaign with a top-seven finish in the United States GP.

Wings For Life

During the 2007 British GP.  Red Bull had the idea of put in the car livery for that race photo of people who donate for the foundation “Wings for life”.
Wings for life consists in a foundation which helps in the research for the cure for spinal cord injuries since 2004 Wings For Life has been supporting 64 research projects for the cure of spinal cord injuries.

After the British GP….

In the German GP Mark Webber scored his first podium with Red Bull in a wacky race well remembered for the heavy rain, because a guys named Markus Winkelhock led 6 laps with a Spyker in heavy rain and for this post race discussion between Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, the race winner.

MAS: On purpose, you did it on purpose!

ALO: Your “touch” was on purpose.

MAS: Go on with you! You win and you behave like this , asshole! 

ALO: That  can not be done.

MAS: You have to learn

ALO: You are who have to learn. 3 laps to go and almost  were the fifth. Well done! 

MAS: Yes! Yes! I did on purpose in Barcelona too!. Learn, learn.

After that race the pointless streak came, 3 races without scoring before three successive scoring ones with Mark’s 7th place in Belgium, Coulthard’s highest finish of the season (4th) in Japan and an 8th place for the in China.
Afterwards Red Bull finished 5th in the Constructor Championship for the first time ever.

Drivers standings
10) David Coulthard: 14 points
12) Mark Webber: 12 points

2008 Season
Same drivers in 2008. After Webber retired from the Australian GP he went on to score 5 consecutive points finishes. David Coulthard had a tougher start to the 2008 campaign due to poor qualifying, but a 3rd place at Canada gave Red Bull their first podium since the 2007 European Grand Prix.


During the British GP weekend David Coulthard announced his retirement of F1 at the end of the season sadly in that race he retired in lap 1.
Coulthard scored his final points in Singapore with a 7th place, meanwhile Mark  brought scored in Belgium , Italy and Japan all of them were 8th places.
Coulthard’s last grand prix was memorable for several reasons from the last lap pass of Hamilton to clinch his first and only World Championship, Massa’s final win (until these days). Sadly David’s F1 career ended in a crash on lap 1.
Red Bull ended the Constructors championship 7th for the 3rd time in a row.

Drivers Standings
11) Mark Webber: 21 points
16) David Coulthard: 8 points

David Coulthard with his final ride along side other drivers of the 2008 F1 Season.
David Coulthard with his final ride along side other drivers of the 2008 F1 Season.

Next time in Red Bull & Racing: a love story (?): Part III – The Breakdown.



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