Unfair than fair

After the “Spin-gate” everything changed in NASCAR on Monday NASCAR decided to move out Martin Truex Jr for the contention of the Championship and replace him with Ryan Newman.
To be honest the sanction was more unfair than fair.
Taking Truex Jr out of the Chase was from my point of view unfair although he was the beneficiary with the spin made by his teammate Clint Bowyer he had no idea about that as Ty Norris (Michael Waltrip Racing Team Manager and suspended indefinitely by NASCAR) said it was a “Split second” decision, a split second decision that cost to one of your Drivers the chance to race for the Championship, ¡great job, mate! you screw your own Driver with your split second decision and maybe their sponsors….

Instead of having another Car for MWR in the Chase. (Bowyer is locked-in), MWR lose something which in a sport as NASCAR is very important, the respect of their fellow competitors. The reputation of MWR has been in doubt since their creation in 2007.  First with the stolen pieces from Hendrick Motorsports and the Jet Fuel scandal.
Sponsors endorsements: With Truex Jr out of the Chase stand to lose millions in exposure by not having Truex Jr in the No. 56 Toyota in the Chase with the NAPA sponsorship one of the few companies who have a full time sponsorship In NASCAR.

NASCAR did a nice thing for Jeff Gordon on Friday and the most difficult, changing the rules of the Chase. Since 2004 the Chase has been made by 12 drivers now for this year is 13 Drivers.
NASCAR risks looking like a sanctioning body just making things up as it goes along, these decisions It puts it’s credibility and integrity at risk when it has to make judgment calls on the fly in an effort to be fair with some Drivers and Teams.
What’s next, adding an extra spot for a former Champion?
Adding Gordon as a 13th Driver for the Chase is unfair. If Gordon wanted to avoid this type of situation, He could have just won a race during the year. Jeff could have performed better in the previous 25 races. The Chase does not come down in one race.

After this situation i feel really bad for Martin Truex Jr. He was the benefit of the spin made by Bowyer, Ok but as i wrote in the beginning he had no idea about it.
He broke his ass to make The Chase plus he’s running with a broken wrist, he was nearly in tears after the race and having this kind of penalty………

That's Bullshit

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