Tasha Baptie: “Jim Clark. He will probably always be the greatest F1 driver in my mind”.

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Tasha, one of the lovely tweeps I have on Twitter.
Loyal Fan of a Driver hated by the Alonsistas (?) and other who just drove one season in F1  but thanks to his family. India have the Indian Grand Prix. For her are Karun is an inspiration and that is invaluable.
This will be her 4th year following F1 thanks to her best friend (¡Thanks Emma!)

Well Tasha, first to all thanks for accept this interview for “from the other side of racing”.
Let’s go with the questions.

1) Why you are an F1 Fan?
“I started watching F1 in 2010 when I met my friend Emma, and since then I’ve became addicted! I love everything about the sport, from practice to race day!”

2) How started your love to F1?
“As I said before, I met my friend Emma at school and she is a huge fan of F1. At the time I was very much into WRC and other rallies, so I decided I’d try something different and I’ve never looked back!”

3) Your favorite F1 memory as a fan?
“Has to be between Australia 2011 when Petrov was on podium or going to the Canadian GP 2012”.

Vitaly Petrov, first Russian driver in F1 and the first and only Russian to score a Podium in F1.

4) Your thoughts about social media with F1?
“I think it’s fantastic. I’ve met some of my best friends through twitter. There’s not many F1 fans I know in Edinburgh to speak to, so it’s fantastic to speak to other people who love the sport as much as I do!”

5) Describe in one word, the 2012 F1 Season?

6) What thing you want to change in F1?
“The FIA making up rules as they go along. It’s rather ridiculous what drivers get penalties for now!”

7)  Do you follow others types of racing and why?
“I follow a lot of different types of racing. I like MotoGP and bike sports as well as car ones. I’m a big fan of the BTCC and the Gineta series. Most things that are on MotorsTV appeal to me – especially LOORRS and motocross… yeah I like most racing!”

BTCC at Outlon Park
BTCC at Outlon Park.

8) Greatest F1 Driver of all time and why?
“Jim Clark. He will probably always be the greatest F1 driver in my mind”.

Jim Clark
Jim Clark. Scottish Driver, double F1 World Champion (1963 – 1965).

9) Greatest F1 Car in F1 History?
“The RB8”.

Malaysian F1 Grand Prix - Race

Some stats about this car
Designer: Adrian Newey
Wins: 7 (between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber)
Pole position: 8 (between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber)
Fastest laps: 7 (between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber)

10) The F1 can have a woman driver in the near future?
“I don’t think we’ll see one in the near future, although I don’t think that there will never be a female driver. I think that F1 is a very physical sport and whether the female body is strong enough to cope with racing at this level I’m not sure. I hope that there are some F1 girls in the future though!”

Susie Wolff, Development Driver for Williams F1 Team.
Susie Wolff, Development Driver for Williams F1 Team.

Tasha, thanks you so much for taking your time in answer this interview with us.

You can follow Tasha on Twitter as: @TashaDragonfly

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