Conclusions after 3 days of Testing, new car, new challenges

After seen the three days of testing for the Gen 6 Car at Daytona, before the Sprint Unlimited which unofficially kick off the NASCAR Season for 2013.

We can make the next conclusions:

1) You can’t make Bump Draft: With this new car regulations, the Bump Drafting is technically impossible as the bumper and front of the car is no longer symetrical.
Drivers can give it a try, but it could end in something like this.

Due that crash Drivers as Gordon, McMurray, Ambrose, Smith, the Champion Keselowski, Logano, Kahne, Edwards couldn’t test the last 2 days (Not Edwards he had a Backup Car)

2) Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!: New Car + Tiny Spoiler = Spins or Wiggle.
I know NASCAR wants to make the races more exciting in Super Speedways but try to do not complicated their existence on the Track.
What do I suggest: Make the Spoiler a little bit bigger, why? 1 or 1.5 inches. It produces more Downforce and the Car have more grip technically allowing the driver to have more control behind the wheel.

Her first day finished early due gearbox issues after that she had a blistering pace during practices.
Always in the top 10 in every practice in some points she was leading in the Speed charts.
Danica always have good races in the Super Speedways just need some luck. For her finishing the Daytona 500 in the top 10 will be her goal.

Now the Teams have a one week of rest before the final test scheduled for  Jan. 17-18 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

and one final thought.
In the Sprint Unlimited (Former Budweiser Shootout) we might see lots of crashes.
with the tiny spoiler, failed attempts of Bump Drafting, could be worse than the last year race.

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