Interview with Simon Butchers

Simon, Motor Sport fan since a young age as many of you, both participate in Fan Formula also.
In this interview Simon tell us interesting point of views about F1 and other types of Racing.
Well Simon, first to all thanks for accept this interview for “from the other side of Racing”

1) Why you are an F1 Fan?
“Anyone who knows me knows that I love technology and cars and more to the point, racing cars. F1 could be considered both these things at their very best so I was naturally drawn to it.
I’ve had a love of cars from a very early age, when I was four (years old) my Grandmother would buy me and my sister a comic but instead of a comic I insisted on having the latest Top Gear magazine.
I just love everything about it, the sound of the engines roaring round the track; the skill of the drivers throwing the cars round the tracks at break neck speeds and even the ‘gamesmanship’ you see the drivers and teams have with one another i just love everything about”.

2) How started your love to F1?
“I’ve watched racing of all sorts from an early age and enjoyed them, the moment that I came to LOVE F1 was not till I was a little older. I remember seeing online a clip of Senna driving the streets of Monaco 1 handed when I was about 10-12 and literally had to pick up my jaw from the floor.
How someone could go that fast and have that much control but just look like he was on a normal Sunday drive, which for him I guess it was. That was the moment I knew I loved the sport. Watching those old clips of Senna”.  

3) Your favorite F1 memory as a fan?
“This is going to sound very lame, but when Robert Kubica had his insane crash I remembered thinking that it was a brilliant sight to see that a sport that for many many many years had been so dangerous could now cope with a huge crash like that and have no one be killed”.  

3) Your Favorite Driver?
“If we are talking current drivers people will not like this answer but I am a huge Alonso fan. Where ever he has driven I’ve always liked him. I also am a fan of Button and Kimi and like a few others but my real favorite is Alonso. If we are talking about All time drivers I have two. The great Senna and Juan Manuel Fangio. These two have always stuck in my head from watching old clips. A shout out also has to go out to Sir Stirling Moss!”


4) Your thoughts about social media with F1?
“I, for one, love it. I think it gives the fans an insight into the day to day lives of an F1 driver and the drivers can put what they like on there so it can be as personal as they like. The 1 down side to this is that many see it as an chance to spout nasty hate tweets which I do not like.
It has also been the birth of many a great thing like Fan Formula for example and thanks to Twitter I’m doing this interview now.
So over all yes I think it is pretty gosh darn good!”

5) Describe in one word, the 2012 F1 Season?

6) What thing you want to change in F1?
“I’d like there to be less politics in the sport, at the end of the day its about which man and his car can be the fastest with the help of his team. Lets keep it to this”.


7)  Do you follow other types of racing and why?
“I’ve watched WRC for a long long time. Also, being a big fan of Americana, I love lots of the US series i.e. Indy car, NASCAR etc etc.
To sum them all up I just love cars in general and I’m very competitive, so cars racing is sort of a natural progression for me!
To quote the great Ricky Bobby, “You’re not first you’re last!!!!!” 

Ricky Bobby is movie character personified by Will Ferrell in the movie "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby".
Ricky Bobby is movie character personified by Will Ferrell in the movie “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”.

8) Greatest F1 Driver of all time and why?
“There are so many answers to this question.
Michael was the king for so long even if I’m not a huge fan of his I can still say that, For me though it has to be Ayrton Senna, he was fast on the track and had a real character off it. So for me I have to go with Senna”.
Ayrton Senna (1960 - 1994), 3 times F1 World Champion
Ayrton Senna (1960 – 1994), 3 times F1 World Champion

9) Greatest F1 Car in F1 History?
“This is a hard question indeed. For me, The Lotus 72, 20 wins, 2 drivers’ and 3 constructors’ championships”.

Ronnie Peterson driving the Lotus 72E at Anderstop 1973.
Ronnie Peterson driving the Lotus 72E at Anderstop 1973.

Some stats about this Car:
Designers: Collin Chapman, Tony Rudd and Maurice Phillippe
Wins: 20 ( from 1970-1975)
Pole Positions: 17
Fastest laps: 10

10) Your thoughts about the Closed Cockpit in F1? if they were introduced in the near future.
“I think if it will keep the drivers safe then I guess it has to be done. I am a creature of habit so am reluctant to see much change if I’m honest, as long as it is done right thought I guess it would not be so bad as I said, if it’s going to keep people safe then it’s ok”.

Thanks Simon for taking your time in answer this interview.
You can follow Simon on Twitter as @Sibutch

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