Formula 1 2013, Yes-No-Maybe

F1 Grand Prix of Australia - Qualifying
Red Bull:
The actuals World Champions
Will Red Bull keep the domination in F1?
Yes, why not? They have the Car, a genius as Adrian Newey, a 3 times World Champion (Vettel), seems possible.

Had a season which combines the epicenes and the shame but “Magic Alonso” or Fernando, “el Nano”, “El putazo” could make it to the final race and fight for the Championship in the final race.
Can Ferrari have a fast and competitive Car since Australia?
Maybe, time ago Pat Fry said that the F138 had a delay of 3 months due the Championship fight with Red Bull.
Ferrari has been struggle with problems in the wind tunnel in Maranello there’s the reason of why they been using the wind tunnel of the former Toyota F1 Team
In test Ferrari led in 2 sessions but as many of you says “the test doesn’t mean anything” we’ll see if the F138 can become in a contender since the Free Practice 1 at Albert Park.

A new teammate for Jenson the young Mexican Sergio Perez which hiring didn’t like well in some people due his inexperience.
Can Sergio win the World Drivers’ Championship in his first year with Mclaren?
Maybe he has slim chance to win the Championship but he has the chances maybe more chances than Hamilton (former Jenson’s teammate) if we make a head to head between these with their new respective teams. He will win races there’s no doubt about that.

Lotus Renault
Last year Lotus-Renault had two different situations with Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean. The first one made his comeback after a two year absence and the other ascended from Test Driver to principal driver.
Kimi won a race (Abu Dhabi) last year leaving his team radio as one of the funniest moments in F1 History meanwhile Romain won (?) a one race suspension for the Italian Grand Prix due his crash in Belgian Grand Prix.
Can Lotus get closer to the Championship and can Romain finally win a race?
Yes and maybe, Lotus-Renault looks strong with Raikkonen and Grosjean.
About Grosjean just need to be more calm and have more confidence in himself. He can do amazing things if he control that.

Mercedes GP
The team who made the biggest changes in my modest opinion. Paddy Lowe is coming for 2014 season maybe replacing Ross Brawn, Toto Wolff takes the place of Team Manager in Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton made his arrive to the team.
Can Mercedes consolidate and being a strong contender for the Championship?
Maybe, although they look strong but the big question is “can they keep it through the season?” Mercedes always has good Cars but can’t keep it through the races this season.
Won one race (China) last year and the downhill began.
As many of you know Mercedes is looking forward for the 2014 season due the rule change which includes new Engines rules.

2012 was an amazing year for Sauber, four podiums (Checo did three and Kamui one).
Now Checo and Kamui are gone and Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Gutierrez arrive to the team.
Both Drivers have differents mission. Nico has the mission to score the points or even win races meanwhile Esteban (F1 Rookie) must earn experience in F1.
¿Can this new pair of Drivers repeats last year success?
Maybe, it’s an open book for them…

Force India
Alongside with Marussia had one of the craziest pre-season in F1,  Without the second Driver defined until the two weeks preview to the first Grand Prix of the season.
Adrian Sutil won the bid for the second seat in Force India in less of two weeks (New World Record (?)) and left Jules Bianchi without a chance in Force India.
Meanwhile Paul di Resta the most overrated F1 Driver in my opinion. If he wants a shoot in a top team he has to ¡¡prove it, prove it!!
¿Adrian Sutil will beat Paul di Resta?
No, is not going to happen.

I don’t know if bipolar is the right word to describe Williams’s 2012 season. First win since 2004 with Pastor Maldonado at Barcelona then a downhill with DNF, penalties and races out of the points.
Williams has two drivers with enough experience. This is the 3rd year for Pastor Maldonado he has been first driver to win since Juan Pablo Montoya at Interlagos 2004.
Pastor who is looking for redemption from last year and trying to win more races (one of his goals this year) and we have Valtteri Bottas from Finland, 2011 GP3 Champion also has been Williams Test Driver in fact he drove in 14 Free Practice sessions in 2012.
Can Williams have a great year in comparative to last year?
Yes, I have no doubt about that, the wins will come, the points will come it just a matter of time.

Toro Rosso
Last year really disappoint me I was hoping to see more of Jean Eric and Daniel now it’s a new year and new goals.
¿Will Toro Rosso score more points?
Maybe, seems like Toro Rosso will fight with the backmarkers this year. Seems difficult.

After winning 10th place in Constructors Championship and fired the driver who did that miracle (Petrov).
Now with 2 new Drivers, who looks to being seen by the big teams and the other who starts his carreer in F1. About score points in my opinion seems possible. Caterham have more chances to score if the in comparative to Marussia.
They just need a crazy race or make their best race ever.

Had a rough pre-season. Without Timo Glock after being fired because he couldn’t kept the 10th Place in Constructor Championship.
Max Chilton makes his debut in F1 and even without racing at Australia he has the record of more teammates in one season.
But the question is…can Marussia finally score some points this year?
No, technically seems impossible I don’t think they can make to the points this year maybe if a crazy race happens it could be….never say never.

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