Fan Formula

So Fan Formula it’s over (not dead according to Grace) sadly but i’m not sad after all. It was an announced death from my point of view but let’s focused in this post about how cool, great, funny, nice, awesome, good Fan Formula was.
Fan Formula has an special place in “from the other side of racing” a lot of “Fan Formulities” were involved in the blog for their interviews that I did with them when the blog was just a simple idea who grew and grew until these days. We haven’t reached the 1000 views but the blog has appeared in YouTube, Blogs, and of course the fact of having interviews with Champions and future champions in the world of Racing.

When I joined to this project was writing my opinions about F1 Topics were post-Spanish GP when I started to write my thoughts.
Time later I heard that you can make videos talking about F1 as a Vlog for Fan Formula. I didn’t want to make it so I decided to make it next year (I took that decision in November of 2012) but a girl named Tasha convinced me so I said to myself “yes why not now” I didn’t know what I was getting into at that moment……

My first Fan Formula
Saturday in the morning 3-2 weeks after the final GP of the 2012 F1 season i was emmmmm fucking nervous, never in my life I spoke in front of a camera so that was something new for me was a quite (pretty complicated) I had 30 seconds to say my answer in each question and after 8-10 attempts my Fan Formula was on the internet.
And I waited and waited and waited.
Hours later they started to give me a welcome and I knew in that was a good decision.

Through the month I started to meet members from…well most part from UK. Months later I had the honor (!) of being invited to meet-up of Fan Formula, I was there……via Skype that was one of the coolest and embarrassing moments of my life but I really enjoyed it to be honest with you.

Now Fan Formula it’s over, we don’t know when they will return but the memories will stay for long time with us……..

Thanks to all the people who were involved in this project of Fan Formula and especially to Grace, she made this project or “baby” as she likes to call Fan Formula. Without her there wouldn’t be no magic….
Thank you Tash, Dom, Louis, Emma, Nikita, Simon, Dean and all of you who were part of Fan Formula.

an adecuate song for a goodbye….

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