Conor Daly: “Racing is a dangerous sport which is part of the reason why I love it”

Conor Daly celebrating after winning GP3 race at Barcelona.
Conor Daly celebrating after winning GP3 race at Barcelona.

Conor Daly, American Driver, 2010 Star Mazda Champion, GP2 Driver, GP3 Driver, Force India test Driver also he’s going to race in the 97th annual Indy 500 this may with AJ.Foyt.
One of the contenders for the GP3 Championship this year with ART Grand Prix alongside Argentina’s Facundo Regalia and British driver Jack Harvey.

Well Conor, first to all thank you so much for accept this interview with “From the other side of Racing”.
Let’s go with the questions.

1) Describe your 2012 season with one word?

2)  2013 It’s been so far a good year in your career. Racing in GP2, in two weeks you start your GP3 season. Testing with Force India and racing in the Indy 500 with AJ.Foyt this may. What are your goals for this year?
“The main goal is to win the GP3 Championship.  I have a great opportunity to compete in the Indy 500 as a rookie and for me I just want to learn as much as possible.  The team is strong so we have a good chance at being competitive. I will do the best I can to make sure we have a good result”.

3)  Not many Drivers have driven a GP3, GP2, F1 and IndyCar in less of two year. What are the biggest differences driving these three Cars?
“They’re all different but in the end they all do the same things.  GP2 is similar to an Indycar and the GP3 car is just a bit slower than both.  The F1 car is something I haven’t driven on a proper road course yet so hopefully I’ll get that chance at some point”.

4) In May you are competing in the Indy 500 with one of the most historic teams in IndyCar history (AJ.Foyt) what is the significance for you?
“I am honored to be driving for AJ.  It will be an incredible experience for me considering I grew up going to the Indy 500.  I cannot wait to get started”.

Conor Daly doing an IndyCar test at Sebring.

5) What is your opinion about the DW12?
“I think it’s a great car that has provided some incredible Indycar racing.  All the drivers are extremely close in time and any driver from any team can win! “

6)  Has AJ.Foyt give an you advice to race at Indy?
“Not yet, but we’ve got a long week of practice and qualifying before we get to race weekend so I’ll have plenty of time to learn from what he has to say!”

Conor's boss, A.J Foyt 4-times Indy 500 winner.
Conor’s boss, A.J Foyt 4-times Indy 500 winner.

7) Would you like to race a full season in IndyCar?
“My goal first of all is to make it to F1”.

8) During the past weeks the Pirelli tires have been criticizes for their quick degradation what is your opinion about the Pirelli tires?
They certainly create some interesting racing with the degradation but I do think it is a bit much.  The drivers are never pushing to the limit in the races, we’re always just trying to save tires”.

9) Favorite Track?

10) Do you follow other types of Racing? (if so which one)
“Indycar and NASCAR”.

11) Your favorite memory as a Driver?
“Driving a Formula 1 car for the first time”.

12) Can Conor Daly win the GP3 tittle this year?

13) Last year you had an horrendous crash at Monaco, how a Driver see his profession after that kind of experience and what you learn?
“My view of racing doesn’t change.  Racing is a dangerous sport which is part of the reason why I love it”.

14) Is the GP2 a feeder series?
(I’m asking this question because most drivers skiped GP2 and started their careers in F1, As Vettel, Ricciardo, Vergne well most part of the Red Bull Junior Team)
“Yes GP2 is a feeder series because that is where Hamilton, Rosberg, Hulkenburg and others came from.  It’s just too expensive right now”.

15) If Conor Daly weren’t a Racing Driver what he would be doing right now?
“Snowboarding or trying to be an actor”.

16) Any advice to the youngest drivers who are searching the success in Racing?
“Never give up and always be kind to people”.

18) How began your love for Racing?
” When I started karting I was hooked.  I love it”.

19) Funniest Driver of the GP3/GP2 Grid?
“My former teammates Daniel Abt and Aaro Vainio”.

Daniel Abt
Daniel Abt
Aaro Vainio
Aaro Vainio

Fan Questions

20) Tasha from Scotland asks:
What is your favourite type of car?
“F1 car”

21) Vinay from India asks:
Why is F1 not as reachable to the American audience like NASCAR?
“Nascar is always on in America and it is difficult for Americans to grasp foreign things like F1. Plus, there haven’t been many races in America so how are they supposed to see it?  Also, there are no American drivers for fans to support so that is the main reason why it struggles in America”.

22) Gerard from Chile asks:
Which Driver was your idol as a kid?
“Michael Schumacher”

Thanks you so much Conor for taking your time for the interview, the best of luck for the 2013 Season.
You can follow Conor on Twitter as @ConorDaly22

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