Tacovolution of Speed. Turbo: Movie Review


Not very often I do a movie review, in fact it’s my first time ever doing this kind of stuff! I’ve never pay attention to the Films Crtics. They just put a bunch of unknown words (?) just to say if the movie is good, regular, bad or horrible.

Yesterday, I saw Turbo (¡Finally!) and I love it! I’m not gonna tell you the entire movie, obviously….
But basically the story is about a Snail who dreams with racing at the Indy 500, one of the most prestigious race in the world.
About the movie….well ¡It’s amazing. So realistic!
DreamWorks did an amazing job making the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, every single detail, even the detail of the raked surface.
The Cars are so real (DW12 appears in the movie), even with real Sponsors (I could find in the movie: IMS logo, Sunoco, Verizon, IndyCar Logo, AAA Insurance and Firestone).

About the Characters, Ryan Reynolds, Snoop Dog (!), Samuel.L.Jackson (!!), Ken Jeong (aka Mr.Chow) alongside Maya Rudolph, Michelle Rodriguez, Kurtwood Smith (Eric Foreman’s dad) made the voices of the characters also this movie includes cameos of Will Power, Dario Franchitti, Paul Page and Mario Andretti all of them appears but not involve in their real jobs..well except Paul Page.
Something that I found funny was the similitude between Guy Cagne and Dario Franchitti. When I saw Guy in the movie I thought instantly in Dario Franchitti.  It’s like a combination of Dario with the Crepes lover (Simon Pagenaud).

Dario Franchitti (Left) and Guy Cagne (Right).

Also the IMS (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) President in the movie has a look alike to Tony George but without the moustache and one of the cometarist of the race looks like Jon Beekhuis.

Turbo gives a message of never give up as Guy Gagne says  “No dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small”.
About the calification, well this is my time ever doing this kind of stuff. I give a 10 although they didn’t put Mary George Hulman and Jim Nabors, I swear if Jim would appeared in the movie and sings the “Back Home Again in Indiana” I’d BE chanting the song louder and louder in the Cinema.

Turbo Trailer.

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