Ben Sulley (@ben_sulley): “People who ask for more overtaking in Formula 1 aren’t real fans in my opinion”.

16 years old, Tifosi, Welsh, Diehard F1 and NASCAR Rookie.  F1 Writer in his own blog.
Time ago i did an interview with him but my busy schedule (?) made it impossible to post .
Well Ben. First to all,  thanks for accept this interview for “From the other side of Racing”.
Now let’s go with the questions!

1) Why you are an F1 Fan?
“It’s the greatest sport in the world! Most of my friends say that it’s boring and that the cars go around in circles…that’s NASCAR! There’s also so much history and the excitement of the races, it’s hard to describe”.

2) How started your love to F1?
” I can’t remember! I’ve watched F1 since I was around 4, maybe not following it or knowing what it’s about but seeing Michael Schumacher in his ‘red car’ really made me fall in love with the sport. I think that if it wasn’t for him I’d be chanting football songs!”

3) Your favorite F1 memory as a fan?
“Hearing that Massa was going to live and be able to return to racing for the 2010 season. It’s a bit of a weird one I guess but it was such a relief and I was so happy!”

4) Your Favorite Driver?
“Hmmm, Massa. Alonso is growing on me race by race, and of course I love Schumi but yeah Massa! I rate Senna and Räikkönen very highly too”.

5) Describe in one word, the 2012 F1 Season?

6) What thing you want to change in F1?
“Red Bull! Ban them from the sport! No, probably DRS. People who ask for more overtaking in Formula 1 aren’t real fans in my opinion. A true fan would just be happy that there is racing. Overtaking is an art, and now drivers are happy to sit behind another car and wait for the DRS zone to come. it’s not right!”

7)  Do you follow other types of racing and why?
” Yeah MotoGP and I’m gonna follow NASCAR this season too. Rossi and Lorenzo are my MotoGP boys, and Logano is who I’ll be cheering for in the Nationwide and the Sprint Cup. If there’s no Formula 1 on I can get my dose of motorsport that way!”

Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi.
Joey Logano
Joey Logano.

8) Greatest Driver in F1 History?
“I’d love to say Senna, but I’ve never witnessed his racing live because I was born 3 years too late. So Schumacher”.

Michael Schumacher, 7-times F1 World Champion. 94-95, 2000-2004.
Michael Schumacher, 7-times F1 World Champion. 94-95, 2000-2004.

9) Greatest Car in F1 History?
” Ferrari F2002, debatable I guess!”

Designers: Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne
Drivers: Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barichello
Wins:  15 (Between 2002 and 2003)
Poles:  11 (Between 2002 and 2003)
Fastest Laps: 15 (Between 2002 and 2003)

10) Why Ben Sulley is a die-hard Ferrari Fan?
“The legacy, the fans, the cars, the drivers… I could go on for days! I’ve grown up with them and although Red Bull are putting their names everywhere in terms of motorsport these days, when someone says to me the word motorsport, I instantly think of Ferrari. It’s everyone’s dream to drive for them! ..well, nearly everyone”.

And final question, who is this kid?

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“Alonsooooooooooooooooooooooo!” (Not me, the other Alonso, you know the F1 Driver)

You can follow Ben on Twitter as @ben_sulley.
Also you can check his F1 Blog:


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