Wasif Anowar: “To me racing is an Art”.

From Bangladesh to the world, Wasif has been following F1 since the past decade from the domination of Michael Schumacher with Scuderia Ferrari to the domination of Red Bull Racing with Sebastian Vettel.
Wasif also follow the MotoGP witnessing the triumph and tragedy and is a passionate Biker who travels across Bangladesh as Che Guevara used to do in South America before becoming one of the symbols of Socialism during the past century.

Well Wasif, first to all thanks for accepting this interview for FTSOR.

1) Why you’re an F1 Fan?
“To me Racing is an art, an artist gets enough time to make everything perfect while racing drivers or riders get not enough time and also they have to do it at high speed. F1 has been my life since 2003; it is tough for me to imagine my life without F1″.

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2) How began your fanaticism for F1?
“The wheel to wheel battle between Schumacher and Hakkinen in the year 2000. I was a fan of Ferrari road cars like F50 and Enzo so one can understand that I was also a fan of Schumi back then”.

3) Your favorite F1 memory as a fan?
“Many to choose from but 2012 Valencia a race which until that day many said was boring event and seeing Schumi on the podium along with Alonso and Kimi. 2011 Canadian GP, nobody expected Button to win it when he was 21st just half way down the race, and he described it nicely in the end “”Guys that was a hell of a race, thank you so much.”

07 Canada GP 2011 part 1 from artisevery on Vimeo.

07 Canada GP 2011 part 2 from artisevery on Vimeo.

07 Canada GP 2011 part 3 from artisevery on Vimeo.

07 Canada GP 2011 part 4 from artisevery on Vimeo.

07 Canada GP 2011 part 5 from artisevery on Vimeo.

4) Your favorite Driver?
“Michael Schumacher, though I don’t support any particular driver or team but he was the reason why I came to watch F1”.

Michael Schumacher, 7-time F1 World Champion. 94-95, 2000-2004.
Michael Schumacher, 7-time F1 World Champion. 94-95, 2000-2004.


5) Describe the 2013 F1 season with one word?

6) Your opinion about the V6 Turbo Engines , it was time to change?
“Many complained but we have to remember we didn’t like the V8 when they replaced the V10, give it a season nobody will complain, yes it was time to change”.

7) What thing would you like to change in F1?
“Not to bring too many modern circuits”.

Yas Marina Circuit. Via Getty Images.

8) As a MotoGP fan, why Marc Marquez is so good?
“He is a great talent, I think he will do what Vettel did in F1. Breaking almost everything on his path”.

9) Greatest Driver in F1 history?
“Ayrton Senna”.

Ayrton Senna (1960 - 1994), 3 time F1 World Champion.
Ayrton Senna (1960 – 1994), 3-time F1 World Champion (1988, 1990-1991)


10) Greatest Car in F1 history?
“2011 Red Bull car. It had too much downforce”.

-Designers: Adrian Newey, Rob Marshall and Peter Prodromou
-Wins: 12 (11 wins with Vettel and 1 win with Webber)
-Poles positions: 18 (F1 record)
-Fastest laps: 10

11) Your opinion of Hamilton vs Rosberg, who’s the villain and it can end something bad for the team?
“We have seen two great drivers or equal drivers don’t work out in F1. So far Hamilton is opening his mouth too much so I would say he is the bad guy. I doubt that with Lauda in the team it will end in a bad term but as a fan I want them to fight till death on the track rather than off the track”.

Via motosport.com
Via motosport.com

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