The 10: Fights in Racing

Not everyday we seen a fight on a race track, so many factors has to be involve to see that in a race. Frustration, angry, rage, revenge, hate (?).
So here’s the 10: Fights in Racing

10) Sebastien Bourdais vs Paul Tracy:
Denver 2006 , last lap Sebastien Bourdais  was leading. Coming to the last lap Tracy tried to made the overtake but didn’t work out……….although if you see his on board (Tracy’s on board) you have another point of view of that incident.

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9) Eliseo Salazar vs Nelson Piquet Sr:
1982, German GP. Piquet was leading and Salazar was the last car in the lead lap and you know the rest of the history.
Long time ago they talk and made a kind of peace.

8) AJ Foyt vs Arie Luyendyk:
1997, Texas Motor Speedway AJ Foyt’s driver Billy Boat wins the race after a controversial finish. Luyendyk  disputed Boat’s win, claiming that he was in the lead when a scoring error by the USAC gave Boat the checkered flag.
It’s been 15 years since that and Luyendyk still remembering that moment,  look what he wrote for Foyt’s birthday a days ago.

7) Sam Hornish Jr’s Dad vs Tony Kanaan:
2007, Watkins Glen, an early incident in the race between Sam Hornish Jr and Tony Kanaan.
After the race Sam went to confront Tony and all of the sudden Sam’s dad push Tony and the mess began…..

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6) Greg Biffle vs Johnny Sauter:
2001, Richmond. Greg Biffle and Jay Sauter take turns spinning each other out during the 2001 NASCAR Busch Series race from Richmond. Biffle punches Sauter

5) Paul Tracy vs Alex Tagliani:
San Jose, 2005. Tracy went off road in the Street Circuit of San Jose during the Champ Car at San Jose California, in his attempt to return to the track he ran over Alex Tagliani and…..was a bad idea Paul…….

4) Michael Simco vs Don St.Denis:
2006, in a Shot track in Ohio. Simco was upset because St.Denis took him out of the race in the closing stages and his chances to win were ended at that moment. Simco ran over the #20 Car of St.Denis and drops an amazing dropkick into the windshield of St.Denis’s Car.

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3) Jeff Gordon’s Pit Crew vs Clint Bowyer Pit Crew:
2012, Phoenix. Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer were involve in a incident in the closing stages of the race. Clint, put Jeff Gordon one of the most nicest drivers in NASCAR mad!!!! and Jeff with a thirst for revenge (or payback) and this was the result.

2) Darrell Waltrip’s Pit Crew vs Rusty Wallace’s pit crew:
1989, All Star race at Charlotte. Waltrip and Wallace were racing for a big check of  $ 250.000 US.
at the last lap of the All Star race, Wallace took Walltrip out of track spinning into the grass,  losing the win and the big check of $ 250.000 US.
In victory lane the tempers were heated and simple clash of shoulders unleashed the madness.

1) Donnie Allison vs Cale Yarborough:
1979, Daytona 500. This fight has been in the history because so many things happened in that day.
The first NASCAR Race in the history of NASCAR  in being broadcasted live across US., Richard Petty won his 6th Daytona 500 of 7th and this fight in the last lap.
Allison was leading Cale hits him (or tried to overtake him through the grass and he went loose), both started to bounce one each other until both hit the wall in turn 4.

1979 Daytona 500 Fight

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