Sam Hornish Jr: “It is great to have drivers from around the world in American Stock Car Racing”.

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Sam Hornish Jr. one of the biggest names in the US Motor Sport, 2 times IndyCar Champion (2001 and 2006) and 2006 Indy 500 now in NASCAR with one of the most legendary teams in Racing.

Now racing in NASCAR with Penske Racing the same organization which he won the Indy 500 and his second IndyCar Championship.

Though the years Sam started to build a name in NASCAR. now he is one of the contenders for the NASCAR Nationwide Championship and i can say will be the most competitive season ever.
Let’s go with the questions.

1) Sam, why you decided to move to NASCAR?
“I accomplished more than I ever thought I would in IndyCar and then Roger gave me an opportunity to try NASCAR. I like a challenge and this has turned out to be a good one”.

Sam in his first year of NASCAR.
Sam in his first year of NASCAR.

2) How started your love for Racing?
“My dad used to take me to the races when I was little. It is a passion that we both shared and still do today”.

3) What is your thoughts about the decision of Penske to swap to Ford?
“It will be nice to have more teammates out on the track, as well as more combined data to pull from for development”.

4) How you can describe your NASCAR season in one word?

5) You won your first NASCAR race at Phoenix (Nov 2011) What was your feelings at that moment?
“Elation, joy, relief, gratitude. It was overwhelming in a very nice way”.

Sam in Victory Lane after winning the Wypall 200 at Phoenix. (2011, November)
Sam in Victory Lane after winning the Wypall 200 at Phoenix. (2011, November)

6) How is the physical preparation to be a NASCAR Driver, is demanding?
“From a strength standpoint stock cars are not as physically demanding as an IndyCar. It is however, very hot inside the car and the races are generally a lot longer. So you do have to prepare yourself to deal with the heat (averaging 135 degrees in the car) and for longer races”.

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7) Well every NASCAR fan wonder this, but how is driving a NASCAR? especially when you drove Open-Wheels  for a long time?
“IndyCar’s race at higher speeds, brake better and turn better since they are lighter and have a lot of down force. Stock cars feel faster though since they have a higher center of gravity and are much heavier. It is a whole different kind of drivng”.

8) Do you follow other types of racing? (F1, Indy, Rally, Dirt Racing, Etc)?
“I follow all of those types of racing. I sometimes serve as an Analyst on Speed Center and this keeps me well immersed in all forms of popular Motor Sports”.

9) What is your thoughts about NASCAR, in the point of being international? with two foreign drivers in Sprint Cup, some foreign drivers running in Nationwide. The races (all three categories) are broadcast to more than 100 countries in 20 languages
“It is great to have drivers from around the world in American Stock Car racing. It is very nice to have a diverse field of drivers and fans from all over the world”.

10) Pack Racing or Tandem Racing?
“I prefer pack racing because in pack racing if you have a fast car you can get to the front, whereas with tandem racing it is more about having drafting partners which can be difficult to find sometimes”.

Pack Racing
Pack Racing.

11) 2014 will be the year of Sam Hornish Jr in Sprint Cup?
“We are certainly working towards that, but right now we are focused on 2013. If we make the most of today, then tomorrow will take care of itself”.

12) Last question Sam, what Car would you like to drive someday? (any kind of Car) “Anything that will get me over 400 miles an hour!”

This might help Sam?
This might help you?

You can follow Sam on Twitter as @SamHornish
Many thanks to Michael Ribas, Sam Hornish Jr’s PR for helped us to concrete the interview with Sam and we wish to Sam the best in the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Season.

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